What are your office hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am-5:30pm, Saturdays from 10:00am-2:00pm, we are CLOSED Sundays.

Where is your office located?

Our office address is 5290 Overpass Road, Bldg. C, and Santa Barbara, CA 93111. We are conveniently located off of the 101 freeway. Coming northbound from the 101 take the Patterson Avenue Exit, take a left onto Patterson Avenue, take a left on to Overpass Road, then take the fourth driveway to your right (located in the Creekside Plaza), you will see the Sierra sign you may park in visitor parking.

I am a current resident. Can I pay my rent online?

Yes! If you have not received one already, please communicate with your property manager directly to request your unit’s unique Account Number.  Note that there is only one account number assigned per unit and there is a convenience fee charged by the third party provider, PayLease.

What size residences do you offer?

We offer residences ranging from studios to large family homes.

How much are the residences?

Because the market price of each residence varies, in order for us to provide you with the most current rates available, please call our office at (805) 692-1520.

Do your residences come furnished?

Our residences are not furnished, but we can on occasion offer furnished residences. Please contact us for more details.

What type of leases do you offer?

We normally offer 12 month leases, but on occasion will offer six month leases, or in some cases offer month to month leases.

How do I apply?

You fill in the online application by clicking here. You can bring the completed application(s) to our office along with some form of identification and a check for the residence you have selected. Everyone over the age of 18 has to complete an application.

What is the application fee?

Yes, the application fee is currently $20 per applicant.

What makes me eligible to be a resident at one of Sierra Property Management’s residences?

Applicants are required to meet credit and financial requirements mandated by Sierra Property Management. If you are unable to qualify on your own you may need a third party to guarantee the rental agreement. Our ideal resident will have a credit score of at least 600, make at least 2x the rental income per month, and have excellent rental references.

When will I need to sign my lease?

We ask you sign your lease within 72 hours of being approved.

Do you allow subleasing?

We do allow subleasing on a case by case basis and if the written lease agreement allows. For specific information please call us or come by the office we would be happy to provide you with details.

Do you allow pets?

Some of our properties do allow pets, on a property by property basis. Please call us or come by the office we would be happy to provide you with details.

Do you have a waitlist?

We do have some names and phone numbers of potential renters.

How do I schedule a tour of a residence?

Please call our office and our agent will coordinate a showing.

Where do I make rent payments?

Rent payments can be mailed or dropped off at our office. Soon to be online.

Do you accept section 8 vouchers?

We have limited section 8 housing available.

I saw a property and expressed interest will you hold it for me?

Our policy is first come first qualified. We regret that we cannot hold any residence during the open leasing period until the lease is signed and the security deposit check is submitted.

Why do you have to come into our home every year?

To ensure that there are no major maintenance concerns and that the residence is well taken care of.

Isla Vista
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many applications do we need to have in order to pay the reservation fee for our group?

We prefer to receive applications from your entire group to prepare the lease for you.  If you do not have your complete group, but want to secure the rental, please note that you only have two weeks to sign the lease from the date of reservation agreement or you lose your reservation fee.

2. When does it become non-refundable?

Two weeks after we receive it if we have not signed a lease (so long as the delay was not due to Sierra).

3. What is the best way to pay the fee, check or cash?

Check is the best way to pay for your reservation fee.

4. What happens if my first choice is taken and I have a second choice – when do I find out that I secured that unit?  How is the reservation fee transferred?  Do I get the reservation fee back if both are taken?

Your Reservation Fee is specific to one unit and we use our best efforts to only accept a Reservation for an available unit.  But, mistakes may happen.  If your unit was inadvertently rented to another party or the current residents renewed, you will be reimbursed your fee immediately.  Your unit is only 100% secured upon the signing of the lease, receipt of the security deposit, and receipt of all guarantor forms.

5. What happens if I don’t have my entire group on time for the lease signing?

You could have the group you have ready to go sign the lease and add a final person by way of “joint agreement.”  Note that all individuals signing the lease will be responsible for the entire security deposit,  lease rent amount as well as any water/trash fees due at the lease signing. Click here for the form : Joint Agreement – Multiple in and multiple out

6. When do I need to get the guarantor form in?

Your Guarantor Form should be brought in to the lease signing.  You will be sent the lease you will be signing in advance of your appointment with the Guarantor forms attached.  You could bring a copy of the Guarantor Form at the lease signing, but the originals must be received 2 weeks after the lease is signed.  Failure to have a Guarantor Form will risk you losing your reserved unit.

7. What is the move in day and the move out day for the lease?

Each move-in and move-out day is different depending on the unit.  Please call Kirsten or Bailey to find out specifics.

8. Can we move in early?

Unfortunately, no.  We would love to have your unit ready early, but we have a tight schedule to get your unit ready on the date we list as your move-in date.

9. How do I see the unit?

Most of our residents originally viewed the unit by asking the current residents to see it first.  They will understand and hopefully be accommodating if you ask them nicely to see their unit.  If they don’t, please don’t pressure them and call us.  We will give notice and schedule a date and time for you.

10. What is the parking situation?

Depends on the unit.  Most of our apartment complexes have a parking space that could be rented with the unit for $400 a space for the duration of the lease term.  We make every effort to offer one space per unit first and if there are any left over, you could purchase a second, third, etc.

11. What is expected of me at the lease signing?

For a successful lease signing experience, please:

(1) Review the proposed lease we send you and read it carefully;

(2) Forward the lease to your guarantor and have them sign a Guarantor Form in front of a notary;

(3) Have all parties to the lease attend the lease signing or you may get rescheduled upon arrival; 

(4) Bring a Cashier’s Check for the Security Deposit (reduced by your reservation fee) as well as any parking, water/trash fees to the lease signing;

(5) Bring the signed guarantor form to the lease signing. Each person on the lease must have a guarantor–no exceptions.  We will accept a copy, but you will still need to mail the original.