Student Housing FAQs

Yes. All current residents must sign the renewal even if they are planning to move after the existing lease is over. Once they do sign, they could assign their interest to a third-party by way of a Joint Agreement/Assignment that all parties to the lease must also sign.

This is for your roommate’s protection. Since somebody is taking their spot and we do not do partial security deposit returns, the joint agreement takes into account that new tenant will provide outgoing tenant a reasonable amount to cover the security deposit.  Additionally, if your outgoing roommate wants to stay a few more days than original termination date, they can arrange this, too, with the incoming roommate for a smooth transition.

No. We do not consider transferring a lease to a new person until the original lease is extended. At this time, we will be happy to swap out roommates. Those completed before March 15, 2024 will waive the charge for the joint agreement (new tenant will still need to pay application fees to qualify them, however).

We offer renewals to our residents that have proven to be good neighbors that care for their units. We do not like an entirely new group moving in without the opportunity to turn the unit and start the process over fresh. This is why your agreement states that we will only honor the rate and have discretion to not allow the new residents if more than half depart. Renew at your own risk if this is your plan.

We have a team of people that review the notes and history in each unit plus connect with the owner on what their plans are for the future. If the unit is not in great condition, there have been lease violations, rent is continually paid late, there is a history of poor interactions with residents/neighbors/management, or the owner wants to renovate it, we send non-renewal letters.

No! This is the beauty of the renewal. You don’t have to move out at all and worry about the gap between residences.

You could have the group you have ready to go sign the lease and add a final person by way of “joint agreement.”  Note that all individuals signing the lease will be responsible for the entire security deposit,  lease rent amount as well as any water/trash fees due at the lease signing. Click here for the form : Joint Agreement – Multiple in and multiple out to see what form you will be filling out in advance.  Note, DO NOT fill this out and email it to us.  We need to send you a secure link so verified individuals sign it electronically on the portal.

Your Guarantor Form should be completed by your lease signing appointment. Your guarantor created their unique login and information when they applied and will receive a signable document through the portal.

However, if we see any indication that the Guarantor was created by somebody other than the future Guarantor (e.g. using prospect tenant’s email or phone number), we cannot verify that they are the person that applied on their behalf.  Two things could happen:  First, we could disregard the application due to the intent of bypassing the guarantor requirement; Second, we could require the Guarantor notarize this document if we deem it an honest error.

Each move-in and move-out day is different depending on the unit.  Please see the unit description for the availability date listed.

Unfortunately, no.  We would love to have your unit ready early, but we have a tight schedule to get your unit ready on the date we list as your move-in date.

Most of our residents originally viewed the unit by asking the current residents to see it first.  They will understand and hopefully be accommodating if you ask them nicely to see their unit.  If they don’t, please don’t pressure them and call us.  We will give notice and schedule a date and time for you.

Depends on the unit.  Most of our apartment complexes have a parking space that could be rented with the unit for $1,000 a space for the duration of the lease term.  We make every effort to offer one space per unit first and if there are any left over, you could purchase a second, third, etc.

For a successful lease signing experience, please:


  1. Review the proposed lease we send you and read it carefully;
  2. Forward the lease to your guarantor and have them sign a Guarantor Form sent through their portal;
  3. Have all parties to the lease attend the virtual lease signing. Be prepared with questions!;
  4. Pay all fees prior to the lease signing;
  5. Read the instructions below!

Have your co-applicants apply to their top choice then send an email to that includes the following:

  1. Their name (sometimes the email headers do not include legal names);
  2. The name of the Primary Applicant they want to be linked to.


Pick a unit on your list and apply on your own. Then send an email to with the primary applicant’s name and ask to be linked to their group.

This is almost an impossible question due to the rank choice option coupled with our efforts to call you when your file gets in front of us and your favorites are not available. Think of your application as your place in line. You tell us your top choices but once you’re in front of us and it’s your turn, we let you choose real time based on what is available at that moment. It could be that people failed to pay the deposit within 48 hours or sign their lease and something dreamy came up. It could be that new units that were not available when you applied are suddenly on the list!

But, if you don’t get in line, you won’t have that option.

We are a small business working really long hours to get leasing done as quickly as possible. It really puts a strain on our team when you get on the phone and start asking if your roommates applied. Really. We all want to be nice, but this is really your responsibility. Call or text your roommate to send you the confirmation that they applied so you know your timestamp. If you already don’t have this level of trust in them, do you really want to be in a joint and several lease with them?


If you did not get a link to apply, some of the times it is because it went to spam (as mentioned before, keep an eye out for  However, more often than not, it is the Primary that did not adequately fill in the application.  Therefore, you will need to apply separately (to any unit) and email to be merged with the Primary application. We will need your name and the primary applicant’s name.

2024-2025 Renewals and Leasing Frequently Asked Questions

(scroll down for 2023-2024 leasing instructions)

2024-2025 Isla Vista Leasing Instructions




Thank you for your interest in renting a unit managed by Sierra Property Management! We look forward to working with you and making this a smooth process. Our availability list went live on January 2, 2024.  If you went to our website on January 2, 2024, you will need to REFRESH your page for the most up-to-date information that was finalized at 6:00 PM PST.


All listing rates reflect a discounted rate for a period less than 366 days. You will get a full-year lease offer at rate that differs from the advertised rate upon qualifying.  You will have the option to accept the minimum 366-day lease offer at an increased rate or sign an agreement at the advertised discounted rate by rejecting the 366-day lease offer as required by local law.


Although our listings will be up with links to apply, we will not consider any applications received prior to January 3, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. to allow everybody time to decide what would work best for them.


Applications received prior to January 3, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. will go in the back of the line of those that applied on January 2, 2024 pursuant to these instructions. These applications will be considered received at 12:01 a.m. of January 4, 2024 instead so please be aware of this as we take applications first completed, first served if application is complete.


Do not apply more than two times within 30-days. If you apply more than one time and then request a refund of your second (or third) application fee, we will both refund the application fee and move you to the back of the line.


Please be considerate when contacting our office. We date stamp your application based on completion date and time. Once we get to your file, if your preferred units are not available, we will reach out to you! Read the FAQs below carefully. Each time you email us, we have to stop our process. Each time you call, we have to stop our process. If you have a true problem with the process, please let us troubleshoot with you, but please read through the FAQs first to help us go as quickly as possible to secure your housing.



The instructions below will allow you to prepare for submitting an application (please, only one per person!).


  1. Pick a Primary Applicant: Now is the time to start securing the group you would like to live with and the first/primary applicant must list all the names and email addresses of the group living with them. Make sure the email addresses are correct! Having to call us to correct the email address will lose your place in line. The Primary applicant will be our primary contact person and the person that will also be designated to receive the security deposit at the end of the lease term. It is important that the Primary Applicant have an address ready to list on the application where they could receive mail after they move out in 2025 (or later).  This address could be changed. You will need to pay for the application ($35 per applicant) and submit a photo of your ID. Once the Primary Applicant has applied, co-applicants should WAIT (see step 3 below).

    You can find a listing showing our max occupancy
    here  to start planning. However, note that there may be additions and deletions from this list as we give our existing tenants the opportunity to re-lease their existing unit and our owners may decide on changing the rates. Our final list will go live on January 2, 2024 and will include links to apply. Make a list of your top 5 choices in advance as you will have an opportunity to list these on your primary application, but do not apply prior to January 3, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. or the application will be deemed received January 4, 2024 at 12:01 a.m.
    Don’t list your current address as a place to receive mail after you move if it is a temporary one. It will get flagged and slow down the process.


  1. Pick Your Guarantor: Your guarantor could even apply in advance by clicking here. DO NOT APPLY FOR your guarantor. If we suspect that the guarantor application was filled out by you or somebody other than who is represented on the application, it will get flagged and your application will be deemed incomplete and placed in the back of the queue. Also, when we do get a legitimate application after flagging, your Guarantor will need to NOTARIZE the guarantor form as we are unable to authenticate their identity. They will also need to have an ID uploaded and pay a Guarantor application fee of $10.00. Tip: Your guarantor will receive a Guarantor Form to electronically sign from our software after they apply and you have qualified for a unit. Make sure they sign it immediately after your application is approved. Your offer will be rescinded if they fail to do this within 72 hours.
  1. Have your roommates ready: After the Primary Applicant has applied, each of the co-applicants listed on the primary application will receive a link to apply and automatically grouped in with the Primary Applicant. The email comes from and the link is immediately sent once the Primary application is submitted.  Have your roommates search their spam if they don’t receive it right away.
  2. Do not apply more than once: This costs you money and will not speed the process or help you move up in the queue. If we have a complete application and your top choice is no longer available, we will reach out to you and let you know what is still available for you. Trust the process, we are very fair and will reach out once we have your application in front of us and it is complete.
  3. Have your security deposit ready: Once your group is approved, you will receive an email letting you know next steps with a few disclosures we are required to give you under California law. Generally speaking, your lease will be sent to you and you will have 72 hours to pay your security deposit and meet with us (virtually) to sign your lease.
  4. The lease signing: We will propose a time within 72 hours to review the lease together BEFORE you sign so we could all sign together during the electronic lease signing meeting. Have your questions ready.  If we do not receive a security deposit or you are unable to commit to a lease signing appointment within that timeframe, you will lose your place in line and we will move on to the next applicant.  Not everybody in your group needs to attend the virtual lease signing. However, even if they will not attend, they need to electronically sign the lease in advance so that the lease signing meeting will finalize securing your unit.
  5. That’s it!  We want this to go smoothly so here is a checklist for you recapping the above.


Have IDs ready

Select your Guarantor and have them fill out an application

Select Primary Applicant to apply first

Have co-applicants apply immediately upon receiving the link to apply upon submission of Primary Application (no link or link expired? apply separately and email us to link to the primary)

Have your security deposit ready to pay upon approval

Have your Guarantor sign the Guarantor Form

Read your proposed lease and have your questions ready

Be ready to attend your lease signing appointment once approved

Have anybody in your group unable to attend the lease signing, sign electronically in advance

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