Student Housing FAQs

Please review the following instructions before filling out the application for a student housing unit.


  1. A complete application means all applicable spaces filled out and signed for each roommate and a copy of a government issued photo ID.
  2. The $25 processing fee per person must be paid prior to considering the application complete.
  3. If you have a second or third choice, please be sure to list it on your application.
  4. All leases are contingent upon receiving a complete notarized Guarantee for the unit you are renting.  We will pre-approve you for a residence and allow you to sign the lease, but your lease is not secure unless we receive your Guarantee of Rental Agreement notarized so we request you bring this to lease signing.  Make sure you provide us with the Guarantor’s contact information, including social security number, with your application.   Click here to get a copy of the Guarantor Form.
  5. If you are applying with multiple individuals, please have all the applications submitted to us in one packet. We review and offer units to the first best qualified and incomplete packets will be moved to the back of the line.
  6. We would love to show you a unit you are interested in, but also want to respect our current residents’ privacy. Please contact us directly if you are unable to view a unit that you are interested in renting and we will do our best to schedule a showing.


Still have questions? Read the FAQs below.


We look forward to meeting you and getting you into your preferred unit!


Isla Vista Frequently Asked Questions

You could have the group you have ready to go sign the lease and add a final person by way of “joint agreement.”  Note that all individuals signing the lease will be responsible for the entire security deposit,  lease rent amount as well as any water/trash fees due at the lease signing. Click here for the form : Joint Agreement – Multiple in and multiple out

Your Guarantor Form should be brought in to the lease signing.  You will be sent the lease you will be signing in advance of your appointment with the Guarantor forms attached.  You could bring a copy of the Guarantor Form at the lease signing, but the originals must be received 2 weeks after the lease is signed.  Failure to have a Guarantor Form will risk you losing your reserved unit.

Each move-in and move-out day is different depending on the unit.  Please call Sierra’s Student Housing Department to find out specifics.

Unfortunately, no.  We would love to have your unit ready early, but we have a tight schedule to get your unit ready on the date we list as your move-in date.

Most of our residents originally viewed the unit by asking the current residents to see it first.  They will understand and hopefully be accommodating if you ask them nicely to see their unit.  If they don’t, please don’t pressure them and call us.  We will give notice and schedule a date and time for you.

Depends on the unit.  Most of our apartment complexes have a parking space that could be rented with the unit for $400 a space for the duration of the lease term.  We make every effort to offer one space per unit first and if there are any left over, you could purchase a second, third, etc.

For a successful lease signing experience, please:


  1. Review the proposed lease we send you and read it carefully;
  2. Forward the lease to your guarantor and have them sign a Guarantor Form in front of a notary;
  3. Have all parties to the lease attend the lease signing or you may get rescheduled upon arrival;
  4. Bring a Cashier’s Check for the Security Deposit as well as any parking, water/trash fees to the lease signing;
  5. Bring the signed guarantor form to the lease signing. Each person on the lease must have a guarantor–no exceptions.  We will accept a copy, but you will still need to mail the original.

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