Student Housing

2023-2024 Student Housing
Before Applying Please Refer to Student Housing List For Up-To-Date Progress As We Continue to Process Applications

Please be mindful with calling or emailing our office as it considerably slows down our process. We receive applications, date stamp them, process in order received. When we get to your application, you and your guarantors will hear from us. We promise! They, along with your guarantors, are likely to hear from us first.  Some stats, we received over 2,000 unique applications NOT including guarantors. 

Welcome! Please read our FAQs for Student Housing carefully before applying.

  • Utilities are NOT included unless otherwise stated in the ad.
  • Many of our photos are of similar units in the building and my not be 100% representative of what you are renting despite our efforts to be as transparent as possible. Small upgrades may have been made or may be made prior to your move-in date. We highly encourage you visit the unit you want to rent in person.
  • Guarantors apply separately from the group and do NOT get an automatic email to apply the way co-applicants do. Below is the link for the Guarantor application.
  • We do have a printable list sorted by maximum occupants. A tip is to use Control + F and type the address to go directly to the unit you are interested in for more information on this page.
  • Some of our buildings are for a term lease paid in installments. The amount represented is the term cost divided by 12 equal payments.
  • We highly encourage you to get Renter’s Insurance. Some of our buildings do require you have a policy prior to taking possession.
  • Please email if you are in the military or a veteran after applying.

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